Reality Gays with Mattie and Poodle

Woke libtards lecture to audience

Two gay men brag about how many guys they bang for 30 minutes. When they remember to stop they recap reality TV shows.

Some guy named Poodle lectures the audience on relationships and kids. Meanwhile he is Grindr’s best customer and hates children. I think he is the only person that uses the term “person of size” like it’s something that non leftist radicals don’t make fun of all the time.

Another guy named Mattie tells severely long stories about his Southern Family. He will never take a straight man’s side in a fight due to his heterophobia. I like when he calls people colonizers and trashes America like he would ever move out of country.

They are funny together. I like it.

April 11, 2023 by Fishpockets00 on Apple Podcasts

Reality Gays with Mattie and Poodle