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Aug. 17, 2020

DARCEY & STACEY: 0101 "Everything Is About to Change"

In the premiere of Darcey and Stacey, the Silva Twins are coming to TLC on their own terms! Darcey and Stacey reveal the rocky road to upgrading their old cars and give the scoop on the glitch that almost ruined …

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Aug. 16, 2020

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP: 0305 "Roses on the Bed" - 1st Anniversary Bonus

Heads up---we say this is episode 6...it's not. It's episode 5!Quaylon is caught in the middle between his mom and Shavel; Tyrice dresses to the nines for Chanda's release; Jessica struggles to find her place in Maurice's life in...

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Aug. 12, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: The Other Way 0211 "Fight, Pray, Love"

Kenny wants Armando to answer an important question; Tim braces for a sit-down with Melyza's father; Yazan gives Brittany an ultimatum; joy turns into chaos as Deavan and Jihoon move into their new apartment.KEEP UP with the Gays in our …

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Aug. 11, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: Happily Ever After 0509 "Burnt Bridges and Bitter…

Andrei spirals out of control at a family dinner; Jess confronts Colt about Vanessa; Karine gives Paul a final ultimatum; Asuelu's family turns on him; Larissa and Eric reopen Pandora's Box; Angela asks Michael to make a big decision.Also ...

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Aug. 5, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: The Other Way 0210 "Forgiven, Not Forgotten"

In this episode, Momma Janice comes for Biniyam. And Bini's family grills Ari about her commitment to staying in Ethiopia; Deavan gives Jihoon a shocking ultimatum; Tim seeks forgiveness from Melyza's mom; running out of options, Sumit reache...

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Aug. 4, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: Happily Ever After 0508 "Hell Hath No Fury"

Oh gawd...this episode was GOOD! Colt is caught red-handed; sparks fly between Elizabeth's family and Andrei; Larissa and Eric spiral into chaos; Kalani and Asuelu endure a travel day from hell; Angela finally comes clean to Michael; Syngin's...

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July 29, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: The Other Way 0209 "Crossing the Line"

Tim gets the welcome from Melyza that he feared; Ari's mum goes on the offensive; Brittany and Yazan turn to an ally for help; Kenny and Armando's first trip into town together worries them both; tired of Jihoon's lies, Deavan …

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July 28, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: Happily Ever After 0507 "The Best Mistake of My L…

Drama erupts when Colt and Debbie meet Jess' family; Angela refuses to act as a Nigerian woman; Larissa is betrayed by Eric; Elizabeth's family questions Andrei's past; Asuelu throws Kalani under the bus; Paul hopes to win over Karine....

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July 27, 2020

Love After Lockup 0302 "Bad At Being Good"

In this episode we recap episode two of the third season of WE TV'S Love After Lockup. Shavel stunned by Quaylon’s lies; Jessica’s release day meltdown; Shawn comes clean to his family.KEEP UP with the Gays in our NEWSLETTER! (Only …

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July 22, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: The Other Way Ep 0208 "Rude Awakening"

Brittany feels alone after clashing with Yazan's parents; Kenny and Armando are finally reunited; Jenny meets Sumit's lawyer and learns the truth about his divorce; Tim moves to Colombia to win back Melyza; Jihoon turns to his mum for help....

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July 21, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: Happily Ever After 0506 "Ultimatums and Ugly Trut…

Tension runs high when Angela meets Michael's friends. Colt is torn between his mom and his girlfriend. Cultures clash when Andrei's family challenges Elizabeth's role as head of household. Larissa is given an ultimatum and she eats fren...

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July 20, 2020

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP: 0301 "Stairway to Heaven"

In the Season 3 opener, we get ALL NEW COUPLE TRAIN WRECKS!We meet John plans a pickup truck wedding; Scott moves 1,200 miles for love; Jessica's family opposes her marriage to a gang member; Shawn risks his 401k for an …

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July 15, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: The Other Way 0207 "I'm Not Your Baby"

Bini's apartment options shock Ari and her mum. Armando prepares for Kenny's arrival. Jenny is out of patience with Sumit's excuses on his divorce papers. Deavan is done with Jihoon's lies. Brittany's visit with Yazan's pa...

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July 14, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: Happily Ever After 0505 "Drive Me Crazy, Like a R…

In this episode Larissa has a date with a mystery man; in Nigeria, Angela receives a horrific first-day surprise; Colt's mother meets his girlfriend in Brazil.LISTEN TO 90 Day The Melanated Way! And be sure to follow 90 Day the …

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July 8, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: The Other Way 0206 "Don't Grumpy Stop"

In this episode, we recap episode 6 of season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way. Deavan is upset by Jihoon's lack of preparation. Tim packs up his house, hoping this move will save his relationship. Ari arrives in …

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July 7, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: Happily Ever After 0504 "She's A Wolf"

In this episode, Elizabeth's new discovery threatens the wedding; Colt comes clean to his mother; Karine discovers more about Paul's America; Angela is desperate for a witness; Larissa makes a surprising call; Kalani and her mother go head-to...

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July 6, 2020

Announcement: Find Love Live! Will be our Bi-Curious Episode

Check your listings on TLC for Find Love Live! It airs on Monday nights!https://www.tlcme.com/shows/find-love-liveAnd Join our Patreon to listen to our bi-curious episode--which drops on Friday!KEEP UP with the Gays in our NEWSLETTER! (Only come...

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July 1, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: The Other Way 205 "Wing And A Prayer"

In this epsidoe, Deavan and Jihoon's new apartment is not what they expected, and Deavan's mother is horrible in South Korea; Tim reveals the real reason he's moving to Colombia; Brittany has doubts about her decision.KEEP UP with the...

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June 30, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: Happily Ever After 0503 "Seeds of Discontentment"

In this episode, Elizabeth's family confronts her about Andrei's actions. Jess extends an exotic invite to Colt. Skyla impedes Angela's wedding. Larissa finds out shocking news about Colt. Kalani and Asuelu's upcoming trip is threat...

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June 23, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: The Other Way 0204 "My Life in 7 Suitcases"

Ari leaves her life behind to be with Biniyam in Ethiopia, but her mom has standards; Jenny is shocked when she arrives at her new home in India; Chaos erupts when Brittany arrives in Jordan; Jihoon reveals he is keeping …

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June 23, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: Happily Ever After 0502 "Caught In The Crossfire"

We are recapping 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Season 5 Episode 2. In this episode, Colt discovers a new side of his girlfriend; Angela receives some shocking news from her doctor; Elizabeth asks her dad to pay for a …

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June 19, 2020

sMothered: 0202 "If Mom Can Do It, I Can Too"

We are recapping TLC's sMothered. Season 2 Episode 2 y'all! If you look for episode 3 it's on our Patreon at the $5 tier...so come at us!Cher and Dawn tell Jared about Cher's new natural birth plan; Mary takes Brittani …

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June 19, 2020

sMothered: 0201 "What Mom Wants, Mom Gets"

Oh we had to jump into this TLC show because it's just so dang good y'all. In this season two opener, Sunhe tries to reconnect with Angelica by crashing her date with Jason; Kathy and Cristina hatch a plan to …

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June 17, 2020

TLCs 90 DAY FIANCÉ: The Other Way 0203 "Heart My Broken" and Before t…

Well we start out with 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days that NEVER ENDS. And then we jump to 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way. Deavan has serious doubts before moving back to South Korea; Kenny has an emotional …

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