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Dirty, Filthy Fun

A friend referred me to the show and the first few times I was grossed out by the filthy talk. But I kept listening and now find them hysterical. I look forward to each review. I watch 90 day but not any of the other shows and I listen to all the reviews!

10/10 would recommend! 🤣

These guys make me audibly LOL at work every episode. Hilarious EVERY time! ALTSO, don’t listen to the troll, some of us LOVE the random conversations.. makes you feel like you’re chit chatting with friends. KGQ

Loved the crossover with Ryan Bailey

The crossover with Ryan was so funny and a nice change. You have such a great vibe together! I loved the stories especially about Bravocon and your past experiences meeting Darce/Stace. I know you’re all busy with your million episodes per week but it’d be great to hear you together again in the future!!

! Keep going Queens!

Hilarious! Love Love ❤️

Don’t pull over!!

You queens keep my day full of laughs. I joined patreon just for y’all! and it was the best decision of my life!!


I love your show! I’m a first generation Californian. My people are from Cement, Oklahoma! I love it there. I know Ardmore! I have relatives in Dill City too. The two of you are funny, brilliant, fabulous gays! Lord knows this sister has to have her gays! Be well.

Keep going Queens!

Hilarious! Love Love ❤️

Favorite podcast!

CARRRRLLLL HOW DO I WRITE A PODCAST REVIEW? Mattie and Poodle are hysterical, and I love hearing their takes about my favorite trashy reality shows. Also love Poodle’s broadway corner and Mattie’s Oklahoma stories. You can tell they love what they do, and their talent abounds.


Love this podcast ❤️

The perfect combo of savory and sweet

Like a good southern biscuit and crunchy fried chicken, smothered in yummy sweet honeymustard sauce. Idk where the eff im goin with this failed attempt at metaphors but they give me so much joy. Thank you for always telling ur listeners to keep going.

The best

Where do I start? Funfetti cakes? Chicken Jenny? The Shaeda freedom bus? Matt and Jake make me laugh so hard. But I must mention Poodle’s singing voice is incredibly beautiful, particularly at the live show’s closing song. Makes me forgive him for Broadway Corner.

Appetizer Justice 🫡

It’s so uplifting during a bad day to hear these two giggle, lightly bicker and recap the best of the best reality TV. I personally LOVE the Oklahoma stories and side tangents because it feels so organic. It makes it feel so much more like two friends just visiting. It’s explicit sure, but good lord there’s worse things to get riled up about nowadays lol just have fun! Side note: as an astrologer, hearing that Poodle evenly distributes the appetizers and gets upset if a person doesn’t accept their share is SO LIBRA I’M WHEEZING 🤣🤣💜💜 never change y’all, I am so happy this exists!

Quail Springs Mall!!!

I can’t believe I JUST found Mattie and Poodle! It’s so unbelievably rare to find people who put thought and work into being funny to succeed with 100% accuracy. I am beyond excited to spend my moments on this earth straight up devouring back episodes. About to hit their website in hopes of finding ridiculous merch!


Love this podcast so much that I had to join their Patreon. I love their hilarious takes on all my favorite TLC and Bravo shows. I made my mom listen to their recap of Smothered on a long car ride to one of her many doctors appointments. We laughed so hard the entire time which is just what she needed during a difficult time in her life.

A true LOL podcast

Mattie and Poodle you are national treasures. Love your takes on Below Deck episodes. Your Girth Boat sea shanty had me doubled over cackling like a hyena on my run. I’m going to start watching more reality tv just to be able to listen to more of your episodes.

Lowered Expectations

Poodle, I was not prepared for that Mad TV reference on a Wednesday! Thank you, love you both!!


I love listening to Mattie & Poodle! The 90 Day Fiancé recaps are amazing. I always love hearing their takes. It’s so fun to listen to two friends talk about something they love.

Feels like we’re friends.

I like you both a lot. Great banter.

Spit Take

These two boys are FUNNY! I’m getting all their podcasts. Plus, I want to to say I knew them before they took over the world! Keep goin’ Queens PS: I love when you sing your Happy Days song

Really poodle????

I’ve made it almost a week without finding out who won big brother and of course you had to do that to me!!!!! LOL aloha. Love you guys though hilarious.


The cheapest therapy out there. Between the queens and the sissy squad, I don’t know where I would be without them. KEEP GOING QUEENS!! I feel bad for people who haven’t found this podcast yet. Join the Sissy Squad on FB. We have fun in there!!!!!


Whenever I’m having a bad day, these two brighten it right up!!

So much fun

The hosts are entertainers and provide a funny yet insightful review of our fave trash tv. Great analysis without being preachy. Many of the other reality podcasters sound miserable and hate the show and audience.

Just love them

Makes me giggle every time I listen 🤓

I ❤️ Mattie & Poodle!

When I need a lift, I just turn on my podcast bff's! So funny, & just the right amount of shade & snark! Love me some Reality Gays! 😘

Chefs Sissy Kisses!!

I don’t think I could do a day without my reality gays!!!! My friends they just don’t know me yet 😊

After dark

Keep it! Love love love it!!!! Stop resisting 🤣😂

It’s not for everyone (but perfect for me!)

Hysterical, profane, but also insightful, Mattie and Poodle are a delight and a proven pick-me-up during stressful times.