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Keep going queens!!

❤️❤️❤️ love y’all so much! Can’t wait for Austin Tx live show!! And I love Wah!!


Who’s Tracy?!

The Best Ever

I need them in my life every single day!!! Love you both so so much!!!❤️❤️❤️

Makes me laugh out loud!!!

These guys are the funniest. I never watched 90 days shows until I discovered them when they were a guest on Watch What Crappens podcast. They have been friends for years and their humor with each other is totally genuine for that reason. My favorite part of their cast is when they are just talking about random things in their life or old stories from their hometown. The recap of the shows and the hilarious shade they throw at reality stars is so top notch. I look forward to every show.

Pro Tip: Read this review while listening to the song

Written to “Dancing Queen” by ABBA Ooh They can prance They can jive You'll have the time of your life Ooh, insults hurl Hear them (chandelier) scream Digging the GayDD Tuesday night and the lights are low Listening to a recap of a 90 days show Mattie plays the right music Getting Poodle in the swing I came to hear them "and scene" Anybody can hear these guys iTunes, Stitcher or Spoti-fyy With a bit of Sissy music Everything's divine Laughing so hard I wet my pants And all the Sissy's chant Keep going Queens So tongue in cheek Love it when they sing It's a real treat when they Chandelier scream, oh yeah

My favorite episode yet…

And I’m not even finished with the entire show. Your Mohammed impressions had me laughing out loud! Thanks for making my day so much better! KGQ!! 4LYFE

Love these queens!!

Highly recommended to anyone that loves the 90 days franchise. Hilarious commentary! But….. seriously just make a whole different episode of announcements and stories. 30 minutes of euro vision review! Really?? Just put all the extra stuff on a separate episode cause EVERYONE is fast forwarding! EVERYONE!

Bingeworthy podcast

I love reality gays! I found them through the OWD discussion group and I am SO happy I did! I love trash tv and Poodle and Mattie make it more enjoyable to watch with their commentary! I love you guys!!!

Queen chemistry off the charts

Thank you for making me laugh during hard times. Love you both!

A weekly must listen podcast

I love these 2 queens I watch the 90day shows and these gays keep me cracking up listening to the 90 day theater and other impersonations


Mattie or Poodle, not sure which, says ummm too much. Can’t you edit that out?

Who’s Tracy?!

Getting me through my days one “who’s Tracy?!” at a time.

So funny!

I found out about your podcast when Ryan Bailey, whom I love, from the “So Bad it’s Good w Ryan Bailey’s” podcast was on. I can’t wait to listen to all your pods. Extremely entertaining!!!!!

Why am I watching 90 Day anything…

Recently broke up with my girlfriend and she was a huge fan of 90 Day all of it. I sat and watched. Found this podcast and they both knew how I felt about pretty much all of it. Hilarious and I will still listen even though I will never watch this show again.

Love the podcast!

Funny, warm, and smart! Side request: can you drop the name of your acupuncturist in the show notes?


I freakin love this podcast and Matty and Poodle but for crying out loud - Matt-you have to let Poodle get a thought out ! I know sometimes, during conversations it happens. It has been really bad lately.

Reality A+

My favorite 90 days/reality podcast. I listen over and over and just join the Patreon tier. Can’t wait for July 10, 2022, so I can see the boys in San Diego. Keep up the good work! Love it 💜

10 stars !!!!

I love these queens ! They literally got me through depression . They make me feel like I’m sitting at lunch with them just laughing lol , Love you , gweens!!

Yay Pig Royalty!

I never would have watched this show, but because of you two, here I am watching along with my husband and 11 year old son. Love it!

Thank you!

Thank you for acknowledging that those who suffer from OCD don’t use it as a cute personality trait or joke. It is a serious, debilitating mental illness.

Advocate-DD Fan Dad Well Wishes

Keep giving it all that you’ve got with your shows whether you create them together, apart, or with a live audience!!! Stay safe and don’t overdo it with the live shows. We love all that you are doing (I bet even Ms. Cova hates the short absences).


Thank you for making me laugh every day. Join the patreon sissys! Keep Going Queens!


I love this podcast. So light and fun - I usually hate ads, but their commercials even make me giggle!

Love. Love. Love.

Hi!! Love you both!!! So funny!!!

The best!

Come for the laughs, stay for the surprising insights and don’t get scared away by the raunchy jokes. These guys spread so much joy and love. Keep Going Queens!


What fun 🤩. Love it.


The cheapest therapy out there. Between the queens and the sissy squad, I don’t know where I would be without them. KEEP GOING QUEENS!! I feel bad for people who haven’t found this podcast yet. Join the Sissy Squad on FB. We have fun in there!!!!!

Keep going queens!

Love ya’ll!

Love these two!

One of my favorite podcasts. Can you please consider covering love after lock up?! It’s pure gold & I’d love to hear your take on it lol