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It’s not for everyone (but perfect for me!)

Hysterical, profane, but also insightful, Mattie and Poodle are a delight and a proven pick-me-up during stressful times.

Keep it going, Queens!

I can’t wait for the Chicago Live show!!!

Crying laughing!

OMG the opening monologue of “Wine Im-Paring” had me laughing out loud so obnoxiously, I had to pretend to be on the phone with someone so nobody thought I was insane laughing so hard to myself 😂


I enjoy their take so much! Always hilarious!

These guys are HILARIOUS!

I LOVE their shows and I don’t know how they find the time to put out so much good content every week. We’re always getting raw-dogged with hilariousness! Live show was a blast. KGQ!

Just perfect!

Fantastic work guys!

Amazing podcast!

Fun, fresh, and keeps you on your toes! These two bring you into their friendship and the world of reality TV with such ease and hilarity.

Y’all are sick

I love it- BUT, what I don’t love is Jake’s preaching and speaking in a matter of a fact way. Even his tone sounds like he’s so sure of himself. I know that Matty does not care at all, but I feel uncomfortable when Jake shoots him down. In the recent tell all episode Jake accused Matty of being crazy when he was not even getting off track and it was just rude. I don’t know why he loves to always shoot people down and act like he’s right.

Funny and Smart

Reality Gays is the first podcast I open when I get to work each day - it's hilarioius and puts me in a great mood that really makes the day fly by. I've listened to a lot of reality TV recap podcasts, and this is by far the best. Matt and Jake take the time to prepare each episode. It's spontaneous enough to be really funny, but structured enough to be consistent - and I really appreciate the hard work they're clearly putting into it. Right now I'm watching the 90-Day Fiance episodes, but they recently got me into the Below Decks franchise - I'd follow you guys anywhere!

We’ve only met on my phone but…

After a couple years of listening—and waiting this long to lock in a rating/review—I’m officially ride or die with Reality Gays. As a prior reviewer said, the ending song for the live shows is everything. It’s just like Matt and Jake and the perfect doses of vinegar and humor and love that they are. That’s this show for me. Thank you and… Keep. 👏 Going. 👏 Queens. 👏

Love all the Below Deck

Hilarious!! Started watching Summer House to be able to enjoy another recap!


I genuinely tear up and get goosebumps at the ending song of every live show.


…your decision to dump Southern Charm. I stopped watching last week for the same reasons. Good for you, boys. Joyless—and stupid. Let’s carry on with the fun stuff. Thanks y’all.


Love you both, but please consider why you think it would be wrong to do an accent when being Alejandro from 90DayUK on a ‘theatre’ skit, but oh-so-hilarious to mock his girlfriend’s working-class, Northern English regional accent.

Best podcast ever!!

I heard Mattie on 90 day cray cray and fell in love! I looked up their show and paid the $15/mo and have been binging now on every episode!! They are beyond hilarious! I recommend to anyone who will listen to me!! They will not disappoint!! $15/mo is so worth it!!!!

Funny Girl

I loved the bit about Leia Michelle in Funny Girl! Thank you for that!

👑 Keep going queens 👑

Matt Sharp should be paying them royalties for the people like me who watch 90 day fiancé only to listen to the recaps. At first it may sound like a lot of singing and cussing but it’s really a show about love and Mattie and Poodle’s friendship is a joy to behold.

Great show if you love to laugh!!

Don’t pay attention to the negative reviews because everyone’s entitled to their wrong opinions!! Great and funny show! KEEP GOING QUEENS! :)

Love, laughs, lessons!

Hilarious! And to my surprise I’ve learned a lot about myself and my relationships. Reality show evil transformed to good. Thank you Mattie and Poodle!


You don’t even have to follow any of the shows that they are talking about .. They just are so funny..they make you laugh so hard!!!

Amazingly hilarious!!

Best podcast out there. KGQ!!!!!


KGQ! Thanks for the hours of entertainment 💕

Reality Yas!

Reality Gays has taught me to LOVE reality tv and embrace being a “sissy”. Every time I open my podcast App I am excited to see what episode they posted. They’ve made me literally laugh out loud while listening on my walks, and feel connected to people who love what I love. If it wasn’t for them I’d be wasting my time reading a book instead of growing as the wonderful person I am by watching reality tv. Thank you Reality Gays.

If you love TLC....

You'll love this podcast! Especially if you are a 90 day universe fan. The guys are hilarious and entertaining. And you can tell there is a real friendship between them, which makes for great podcasting chemistry. And I seriously cannot get enough of them impersonating Robot Mohammed; it makes me LOL every time! Keep going Queens! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Laugh out loud!!!!

I only watch the bravo shows, but I love you both!!!! Hysterical

Peyote Charlie’s

I love you both!

Amazing & Hilarious!

Do you love trash TV, Queens who can break out into song at any moment and laughing for at your favorite trash TV moments? Then this is the podcast for you! Matty and Poodle (Jake) are hilarious and break down everything the shows cover so well you don’t even have to watch the actual show. Keep going queens! ❤️

Love it!

This is my happy place! Keep going queens!!! 💙💛💙💛

I don’t watch trash but love listening to people who do!

A fave podcast because of the hosts real and fun relationship! I don’t watch a lot of tv because I’m so busy but this podcast allows me to here the gossip while doing my mom duties. Mattey & Poodle are life!


Best podcast and FB group! KGQ 🐷🍆