Welp. You're trash, just like us! Welcome Queen!


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I’m a patron and I would pay more

Mattie and Poodle are the best reality TV podcasters in the game.

Road trip with Mattie & Poodle

LOVE this show! Listened for an entire 8 hour road trip, replayed recent & older episodes- yes I’m obsessed! Always funny, Matt & Poodle never disappoint!

We do it big!

The best part of my week! Love you guys


Stand in your power! Higher and higher! Straight to the top! They love love

Love the podcast!

90 Day theater kills me! But every time you do Debbie’s voice all I hear is Caitlin Jenner LOL

Love the pod and community

I love this podcast and the sissy squad is so sweet and supportive. This is not the podcast you want if you want quick, straightforward reviews of the shows they cover. This is the place to learn about every tiny town in Oklahoma or what is coming in the next local theater season! Mattie and Poodle have great and have a fun energy! I will continue to listen to their amazing reviews!!!!

Twin Eagles

Soaring. Flying. Higher and higher. Powerful. Empowered. Strong! KGQ!

Keep going Queens!

Listen to these guys. They’re the BEST!

A wonderful, hilarious refuge in the bonkers world of reality TV

Could not love Mattie and Poodle more. They’re clever, funny, creative, warm, wise, and always on point. I needed their perspective on the chaotic lonely hearts and plot points of the greatest trash TV on earth more than I knew. This show has brightened many of my days. Stay strong! Stand in your power! And KEEP GOING QUEENS!

Keep going Queens!

Hilarious! Love Love Love

Laughing out loud!!!!

Just listened to Darcy/Stacy recap and I’m literally dying..tears coming out because it’s so freakin funny!!! You guys are amazing, I love hearing you on Pink Shade Pod, sorry it took me time to get here..awesome, hilarious and brilliant!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️


I love these guys - I found them through A Date with Dateline and they are just so funny and heartwarming. Thanks for doing what you do!

U make me LOL!

New listener, you are both amazing!! I can't help but smile when I listen to you! and both your laughs are absolutely infectious; thank you for the hilarious recaps & "dramatic readings!" Xoxo

Two Stand-Up Stand Ups

After listening to this podcast for over 2 years now, I can say that I’ve really grown to respect their professionalism. Now I know what some of you may be thinking: “What?? These gays are some of the raunchiest podcasters out there.” Maybe, but that’s not what my qualifications are. They really care about their audience. When they announce that they won’t be covering a show anymore, they make sure to list off other podcast competitors for us to go listen to instead. What a stand up act, and hilarious of course!


Thank you for the collab with the Bad TV guys, I found you through them!


I just re subscribed to the Patreon to listen to LALU but SPECIFICALLY to hear the reaction when a certain inmates sister was ‘hit’ by the car 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’ve never been so excited to listen to the feedback


I found you through Dylan and Patrick on their another below deck podcast. Or was it their bad TV feed? I don’t remember. I’m glad I found you. You guys are very funny.

Love the skits!

Love the entertainment factor with this reality podcast… anyone else think they sound like Beavis and Butthead but Silva sister style?! Keep the laughs coming, thank you!

Love it!

Heard you guys on APN and thoroughly enjoyed your take on Love is Blind! Can’t wait to hear more!

BAD TV Collab!!

Caught you guys recently on Bad TVs After the Altar recap. So much fun, had to come leave 5 ⭐️ for you 💞

So great!

Just found these guys after they were guests on BadTv and I am in love! So funny and warm, I don’t even watch many of these shows but love the recaps.

Some accents are OK to mock

Can’t do Fernanda’s accent, or Sumit’s, but, as always, making fun of the way Scottish people speak is juuuust fine 🙄

Laughing at my desk

Fantastic podcast. In one episode there were references to the songs I’m Still Hurting AND I’ve never Been To Me?!! I’ve found my peeps. Great voices.

lol at gristedes being better than Whole Foods

Gristedes is worse than Ralph’s , Trader Joe’s, Winn dixie , food lion , basically most things. It’s essentially a key foods . Truly love you guys just wanted to put in my two cents as a New Yorker Keep going queens

new fan

Heard about you from Community News with Paul and Sasha comedy podcast. They are so funny and said you are funny, so here I am.

True Delight!!!

Absolutely adore Matty & Poodle & their takes on the TLC universe! They are hilarious but also provide great "serious" takes on the cast members and situations, and Broadway Corner also a highlight! love you guys!💕

The wind beneath my wings

These guys have restored my faith in "mankind". I can't wait to hear the new podcasts and during the time I listen my life is brighter, my world around me bathed in sunlight and rainbows. But, if only that was what I got out it- I would be a content gal. The bonus is the psychology these masterminds of reality offer. These adorable and brilliant geniuses are able to offer a compassionate, hysterical, but humane way of exploring some of the more complex sad story lines. Obviously skilled with a social and psychological background they add interpretation and a unique spin to some of the rather pathetic scenarios. You are my hidden secret. One day, I will scream from the rooftops my love for Mattie & Poodle. But, for now - I will continue to giggle, sigh, cringe and gasp with all the other sissies. Thank you for adding the levity needed in this crazy world we live in. Your fan for life and sissie from another missy~ Brooke ❤️❤️❤️

Love love love!!

This is laugh-out-loud funny! I have no friends that watch these ridiculous reality shows with me. So watching my episodes and then jetting over to hear Matt and Jake’s thoughts is my favorite wind down!

The Voices

Your “voices” crack me up! I’ve been seen alone in my car giggling like a fool at your imitation of both Jenny & Kim. When you sneak Kim’s voice in I lose it!

Absolutely the funniest!

This podcast is the absolute best. My only wish is 20 of 60 minutes isn’t announcements/side discussions which go longer than a minute or two as they are funny! Without that you wouldn’t have to break up episode into two parts. Love you guys!