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Love love love!!

This is laugh-out-loud funny! I have no friends that watch these ridiculous reality shows with me. So watching my episodes and then jetting over to hear Matt and Jake’s thoughts is my favorite wind down!

The Voices

Your “voices” crack me up! I’ve been seen alone in my car giggling like a fool at your imitation of both Jenny & Kim. When you sneak Kim’s voice in I lose it!

Absolutely the funniest!

This podcast is the absolute best. My only wish is 20 of 60 minutes isn’t announcements/side discussions which go longer than a minute or two as they are funny! Without that you wouldn’t have to break up episode into two parts. Love you guys!

I need your help!

I love you guys you’re the absolute best! I need your help though..season 2 of extreme sisters is not on discovery plus! I’ve messaged discovery plus directly but have not heard back. Since y’all are expert journalists I was hoping you could get to the bottom of it? If not I love you anyways!xo

Make me laugh til I cry

I have to pull over my car if I’m listening to the Darcey and Stacey recap episodes, because they make me laugh so hard I cry! Thank you for being the bright spot on my drive home after a long day at work.


The best reality tv podcast

The Voices

Your “voices” crack me up! I’ve been seen alone in my car giggling like a fool at your imitation of both Jenny & Kim.


You make my day every time I listen. I laugh out loud during my daily walk…if the neighbors are watching, they must think I’m a lunatic. I have forsaken all other pods just to listen to you…except 90DayCrayCray. Please know, seriously, you’ve helped when I’ve needed it the most and I love you both for that. Keep going Queens!!!


I was a listener since pre-pandemic. It’s brought so much fun and laughs in my life the past couple years!😊

Keep going Queens!

Hilarious! Love Love ❤️

Sit and Spin

Long time listener, first time caller. Thanks for ruining Sit & Spin. Annnndddd Rhythm Nation….never laughed so hard. Love you guys! ❤️

Great show!

My favorite 90 day podcast. They have very insightful takes on the episodes instead of some shows that only trash talk the whole time they actually do it in a funny way. The random story can be distracting but they’re actually so funny to listen to. The random stories make the episode so memorable. I would like them to get listeners to call in and give relationship advice.


This is my absolute favorite podcast of all time!!! You have brought me so much laughter during tough times and I am just so grateful for you! And I’ve got to say, I love a good Broadway Corner, but I am LIVING for Comics Corner!!! Mattie, I didn’t even know half of the most recent update and I am a huge comics fan! It’s been hard to keep up with news lately and I’m so glad you’re bringing some comics news to my life! Xoxoxoxo KEEP GOING, QUEENS! 😘💕


Love you queens 😘 thanks for making my days so much better!

Love love love

They are absolutely the best and make me laugh out loud several times every episode— especially during Reality Gays theater! They are the perfect mix of personalities and insights on the trash that is 90 Day. Sometimes I don’t even watch the show, but still listen to their recap because they’re THAT good!!!


I really love this podcast I listen to all the episodes when they come out and I can’t get enough of you guys !!

Obsessed isn’t enough!

Matty and Poods have gotten me through so many dark times. The sissy squad is a delight too! They’re funny, humble, intelligent and raunchy in ALL the best ways. I look forward to everything they post, even for the shows I don’t watch.

Funny & insightful

Keep going queens!

Just Plain Fun!!

I love listening and laughing out loud! Good vibes❤️

New listener, love it

I love the chatter, but best of all are the ‘dead-on’ voices from the reality characters!! 90 Days is my indulgence, and chicken voices and Kim-bah-ly baritone makes my heart happy! Thanks guys

Dirty, Filthy Fun

A friend referred me to the show and the first few times I was grossed out by the filthy talk. But I kept listening and now find them hysterical. I look forward to each review. I watch 90 day but not any of the other shows and I listen to all the reviews!

10/10 would recommend! 🤣

These guys make me audibly LOL at work every episode. Hilarious EVERY time! ALTSO, don’t listen to the troll, some of us LOVE the random conversations.. makes you feel like you’re chit chatting with friends. KGQ

Loved the crossover with Ryan Bailey

The crossover with Ryan was so funny and a nice change. You have such a great vibe together! I loved the stories especially about Bravocon and your past experiences meeting Darce/Stace. I know you’re all busy with your million episodes per week but it’d be great to hear you together again in the future!!

! Keep going Queens!

Hilarious! Love Love ❤️

Don’t pull over!!

You queens keep my day full of laughs. I joined patreon just for y’all! and it was the best decision of my life!!


I love your show! I’m a first generation Californian. My people are from Cement, Oklahoma! I love it there. I know Ardmore! I have relatives in Dill City too. The two of you are funny, brilliant, fabulous gays! Lord knows this sister has to have her gays! Be well.

Keep going Queens!

Hilarious! Love Love ❤️

Favorite podcast!

CARRRRLLLL HOW DO I WRITE A PODCAST REVIEW? Mattie and Poodle are hysterical, and I love hearing their takes about my favorite trashy reality shows. Also love Poodle’s broadway corner and Mattie’s Oklahoma stories. You can tell they love what they do, and their talent abounds.


Love this podcast ❤️