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Keep going queens!!!

Absolutely love this show! Totally makes my day! Just love you two! Keep doing what you are doing! 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you!!

So fun!


Please watch Lularich

And make fun of this documentary...you guys would make it so funny!!! This podcast makes me laugh so hard in the car by myself.🤣

Happiness is Reality Gays

Witty funny and so honest. You make my world go round!


Love you queens 😘 thanks for making my days so much better!

You guys are the best!!!

You make my day every time a new episode comes out!


Seriously- stop what you’re doing and subscribe to this podcast now!!! Mattie and Poodle are so incredibly funny- sincere, honest, hilarious, and soooo entertaining. I’ve been listening to the boys since November 2019 and I never miss a podcast (and boy do they raw dog ya with content). This podcast has gotten me through some extremely tough times and I’m grateful I found them. Even my husband is a member of the Sissy Squad 😊 Thanks for sharing your contagious laughter with us all, Mattie and Poodle!!! Keep going queens!

These 2 best friends make me feel like family

It’s hard not to smile when Mattie and Poodle are on. They’re a one of a kind pair that make me laugh, cry, and have helped me through some tough times. I’d give them more stars if I could!

Loveeee these queens!!!

My favorite podcast!!!! Love love love! I wish my friends were half as great as you two! Live for the gaytron! Can’t wait till you tour and get to NY!!! Xo much love


Continue to Love your podcast! ❤️ Your commentary is hilarious combined with observations of these people and their situations is brilliant! Thank you queens for peeing my pants laughs‼️😂



Love it


Don’t sleep on this podcast!

Best of the best for trash tv recaps! I look forward to this podcast every week, expect to LOL! I ❤️ Mattie and Poodle!

Love Love Love!

Fairly new to this pod but omg I’m so happy I found it! You guys are hilarious and also completely adorable ☺️ I look forward to every new episode and it makes my work days so much more fun! I’m now a proud member of the Sissie Squad; keep up the good work ❤️

I just can’t.

I don’t even know where to start, I love this podcast so much. I love the Southern stories and all the off topic conversation is the best. I always save an episode for when I’m having a down day. These guys are so funny. I know I can ALWAYS count on them for some laughs.

I love you both so much

Thank you for making me laugh so hard. I Love you.


Yasssss Queens 🙌🏻🙌🏻

I listen every week

Thank you Matty & Poodle for making this podcast every week! I love everything about your recaps!

Keep going Queens!!

Bless you two for helping this 🍆🐷 find the BDF!

Sissy For Life

What have I been waiting for?? I should’ve started listening years ago. This has literally changed my life, depression lifted!

Love you guys

Keep going queens!!! Xoxoxox

I live for the laughs I get from this show

Stumbled upon this podcast while looking for podcasts that cover my guilty pleasure 90 day fiancé. I find myself laughing to the point of tears after listening to their take on TLC hot dumpster fire tv

A Favorite

I love hearing Matty and Poodle gush over each week’s dramas. It feels like a very giggling adult slumber party. I’ll even listen to the episodes highlighting shows and series that I don’t watch, because the guys make it such a gossipy, silly time. Light hearted for sure, but supremely backed by a foundation of heart and their experiences with therapy and life coaching.

Love it!

One of my favorite pods!

The Best Sissy’s around

“Carl! Help me make a bracket... my gays are doing the March Madness... I think we are ranking whose butt looks best in a uniform...” “Shooter go get Mama’s tablet...” In all seriousness, I am so thankful that I discovered this podcast almost 2 years ago. You all have gotten me through the pandemic. For a while there was a period where I had to have you two bantering in the background in order to sleep at night. Thank you for all of the joy and entertainment that you bring others!

best part of my week

Keep going, queens!


Love these two they are hilarious and very filthy just right up my alley. Love love love them 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Listen if you love to laugh!

Keep going Queens! You keep me going. ❤️

The Reviews I didn’t know I needed!

I just finally listened to this podcast yesterday. I’m already hooked! I’ve listened to 4 episodes already & they’ve all been GOLD. Between the voices they make to match the characters & their wise insights, it’s just the perfect perspective that has been missing but I greatly needed. So good!