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The BEST podcast

This podcast makes my day. You guys are so funny. I love your take on 90 day fiancé! As if I don’t laugh enough through that show too!!

Great Commentary

Love you guys! Keep going, queens!!

Love them so much!

This show is a must for anyone who watches 90 Days. I’m a cys white guy and find them to be hilarious. My wife and I simply call it “the podcast.”


Fav podcast!!


Everything, and nothing to do with reality shows. Amazing, funny, the absolute best. Keep going queens!!!

Love listening to you both!

Thank you both for all the laughs. Your podcast always makes my day brighter. Keep going queens!!

Love y’all but...

Jeeeeeeeezus the commercials- sooooo many & sooooo long. I get it - gotta pay the billz but .... phew.

Keep going queens

Love this podcast…


I love these two! KEEP GOING QUEENS 😘😘😘

So fun

Great fun to listen to you guys.


I’m a new listener and completely fell in love with this podcast 💜

Keep theatering Queens! 🎭

Thank you so much for creating hilarious content during such a hard year and a half. Queens, you kept going! Love and adore you both. 😘

LOVE Reality Gays!

I love this podcast and it always keeps me laughing! Listened during months of struggle with fertility treatments, finally conceiving and experiencing awful morning sickness and now as I prep the nursery for our little one! It’s been a bright spot for me and I appreciate all the laughs!

Keep going queens!!

Your Darcy and Stacey theme song makes me howl with laughter every time I hear it, I can never watch White Christmas the same again…

Love this show!

Keep theatering queens! 👑👑👑 This is my favorite podcast always look forward to what y’all have to say about these shows! Darcey and Stacey recaps always have me laughing so hard! 🤣🤣


Thanks for the levity and hahahahs that help break up my day!


Keep Going Queens!!!

Keep going Kwanes!!!!

The funniest podcast ever!! Even my husband who doesn’t follow these shows wants to listen to their recaps! I tend to forget the episodes and I love their recaps! Their songs are amazing. Best of all is their read on everyone in these shows and their genuine friendship is very touching. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

They are the best

I’m driving down the highway!! I literally can’t stop listening to these two. They are definitely getting me thru a tough time in my life right now. Thanks queens!

KGQ! 👑

Keep going queens!

Five stars!

Keep going, queens! 💖

Thank you for being hilarious 👑!!

You guys are the absolute best!! I was dying laughing at the comments about butter and Kip Winger loaning her his wig for the tell all!! 😂😂 Never stop doing what you do!!

Love, love, love

I don’t know where I would be without these two amazing queens!!!!

Screamingly funny

Bonus points for advocating on behalf of proper use of pronouns and direct objects.

Don’t listen if you don’t like to smile.

You’ve found two new best friends in Mattie & Poodle. They’re not afraid to keep it real and speak candidly. Don’t listen in the car with your kids without headphones 😜 Keep going, queens 👑

Generous hosts revised.

The Reality Gays are one of my favorite podcasts. There is no shortage of content. They primarily focus on the 90 day universe, but branch off into other shows. They share some of their Patreon content which is nice “to try before you buy”. If you’re budget conscience then there are still a lot of free options to you as a listener. The theme song is amazing, the sad southern stories are hilarious, and the commentary is entertaining. The light and positivity needed during these unprecedented times. I’m very happy that Jake and Poodle updated their format to include more shows. I love their take on Darcey and Stacey, FBoy island, and so many more 🤩🤩

Carl’s Wife giving me life

Shooter, go get yer daddy, how do I leave my boys a review? Caaaarl?

Shane Journeycake

I absolutely love this podcast and these hilarious, absolutely disgustingly inappropriate, yet very highly intelligent hosts. My favorite moment that probably no one remembers was Matty’s story about Shane Journeycake, or, more accurately, Poodle learning that a person existed named Shane Journeycake. Anyway, keep going queens!


Keep going queens!