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I live for the laughs I get from this show

Stumbled upon this podcast while looking for podcasts that cover my guilty pleasure 90 day fiancé. I find myself laughing to the point of tears after listening to their take on TLC hot dumpster fire tv

A Favorite

I love hearing Matty and Poodle gush over each week’s dramas. It feels like a very giggling adult slumber party. I’ll even listen to the episodes highlighting shows and series that I don’t watch, because the guys make it such a gossipy, silly time. Light hearted for sure, but supremely backed by a foundation of heart and their experiences with therapy and life coaching.

Love it!

One of my favorite pods!

The Best Sissy’s around

“Carl! Help me make a bracket... my gays are doing the March Madness... I think we are ranking whose butt looks best in a uniform...” “Shooter go get Mama’s tablet...” In all seriousness, I am so thankful that I discovered this podcast almost 2 years ago. You all have gotten me through the pandemic. For a while there was a period where I had to have you two bantering in the background in order to sleep at night. Thank you for all of the joy and entertainment that you bring others!

best part of my week

Keep going, queens!


Love these two they are hilarious and very filthy just right up my alley. Love love love them 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Listen if you love to laugh!

Keep going Queens! You keep me going. ❤️

The Reviews I didn’t know I needed!

I just finally listened to this podcast yesterday. I’m already hooked! I’ve listened to 4 episodes already & they’ve all been GOLD. Between the voices they make to match the characters & their wise insights, it’s just the perfect perspective that has been missing but I greatly needed. So good!

Best Ever

These guys increase my happiness daily! Hilarious! LOVE!!!!!

Spot on Analysis

Yes they are hysterically funny, quick, and have outstanding comedic timing, but their analysis of what’s beneath the surface of the folks on 90 Day universe is 🔥LOVE THEM!

Back in the office

Your podcast helps me get through my day since I'm forced back into the office. KGQ

Keep going queens

The pahhs is the pahhs is the pahhs, but the future of what ppl want is the opinions of and commentary from these two. ❤️

Best 90 Day Fiancé podcast ever!

I found these two via their interview on the We Need To Talk About Britney podcast and I’m so glad I did. Love them!

Keep Going Queens!!!!

Love you more and more every day ♥️♥️♥️

Love this podcast

You guys are fantastic!! I look forward to listening.

Keep going QUEENS!!

Best podcast!


Keep going queens!!! Love my gays!!!!!!

My quarantine saviors

Keep going queens!!!!

Reality gays

I don’t think I could get through covid without these two queens.


I just started 90 days, late to the game! so happy i found you guys! loving their old recaps


Keep going queens!

Hilarious. Poodle’s Florian. Matty’s Darce.

Unapologetic. Love these two. Keep theater in queens

Good but…

Really enjoy the podcast and follow all the related shows. A little much with the innuendo…

Thank you!

Love love love y’all so much! Thank you both for just being you, and for making me laugh all the dang time!

I LOL the entire show!

I must admit that I stopped listening for a while because there was a bit too much screaming for me - I am so glad I came back! It’s better than ever! It’s the funniest podcast available! The impressions (especially of Darcy and Stacy) are historical!

i love love love it

i feel like mattie and poodle are friends of mine. i don’t listen to every show because i don’t watch all of them, but they have such a good variety of shows they cover and there’s never a shortage of laughs. thank you for what you do.

Love them!!!

They make my commute to work enjoyable!


Love listening to these two! Such great takes on reality TV. Their Darcey & Stacey impersonations are spot on. 🤣 Keep going Queens!!


My Dad saw the original Wizard of Oz in 1939 for a nickel. Unfortunately he died in 1990 at the age of 66. It was one of his favorite movies. He always watched it on TV with us when they showed it once a year on network TV. Your podcast is hilarious!!

Favorite podcast

Keep going queens !