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Keep going queens!

This podcast is so funny and gives amazing commentary! A welcome reprieve from all the bad news in the world!


Absolutely love and adore y’all. Y’all made me laugh so hard today! Thank y’a! I sooo need the laughter in my life right now. 😘


I’m so happy I found you guys!! I love listening to your show. Best podcast ever Keep it up!!!


Keep going Queens!


I love these guys- they never fail to make me laugh out loud, no matter what show they are recapping.

Love these two

What’s better than looking like a lunatic cackling to yourself on walks or in the grocery store?? This two wackadoos keep me cracking up every day and I love them so much for it!!

My Fav Podcast OKrrrrrrrrrr 😉

I look forward to listening to Mattie & Poodle during my commute time everyday! They keep me laughing and lift me up before getting to work and on the way home. I LOVE the southern stories and can totally relate! Keep up the good work 😘

Can’t get enough

Keep going queens!!!!

Love luv lervvv

Keep going QUEENS!!!! Ps I can only finish a milkshake when I’m stoned and legitimately forget what I’m doing


Love these guys so much. My funny company on runs, while getting ready, in my car- the best!


Keep going queens!!

Brings me happiness and makes me laugh

These two make me laugh and are filthy and sex positive! Having a bad day, put on Poodle and Jake and prepare to have that frown turned upside down. I even love their 10 min announcements before each show breakdown because it gives me more time to enjoy their banter. I even listen to them recap shows I don't like because I enjoy their GayDD. Keeps going queens.


I listen to a lot of reality tv podcasts but you guys kill it in a way many others are lacking. Your insight as a therapist and life coach are fascinating and inspiring and I find myself hanging on every word. Oh and you are hilarious and beautiful singers!!


LOVE the podcast. Amazing, I could listen to them talk about paint drying & enjoy it. Facebook group is not as great as they claim. I was mom-shamed pretty hard in there and the moderators didn’t care.

Favorite podcast

This podcast always puts me in a good mood! :)


When I listen to you two I feel like we are at a swanky hotel drinking cocktails and you are telling a story. You make me feel as if I am a part of your social circle. I love listening to you and look forward to it every week. Thanks for making me feel welcomed when at times I don’t feel it. Keep it up QUEENS!!


I have waited a while before I wrote this review. Just didn’t quite know what I wanted to say because I am overwhelmed at times by your choice of words. But I realize that I love you both unconditionally. I look forward to each new episode and I really do laugh and smile. Your musical parodies are the best! Your family stories are so much better than program you are recapping . Most of all it’s your friendship I love most. Thank you for doing episodes even though you have a lot going on in your personal lives. You all are so good I don’t watch any of these shows anymore,I would rather listen to your take on the “lonely hearts”. Thank you. Jan in Austin. The unconditional part is because I have accepted you will say anything and I still listen!

All the stars!

I want to give y’all all of the stars in the universe! Love, love, love your podcast!


Keep going queens!

Keep Going Queens!

I find myself laughing out loud at work often listening to these two! They say what we all are thinking when watching these shows! It’s a must listen!!


Love Poodle and Matt! Funny, sassy, and I always learn a lot from them! ;) Keep going queens!


This is officially the only podcast I’m in love with!!! Bring me ALL the cuss words and ALL the nasty. I’m grown and I’m here for ALL of it 🥰

Love these queens

I laugh through throughout each episode. Love listening!

Great Podcast!

Keep going queens ♥️♥️

Cringe Tears 🤣

Matt and Poodle sucked me in with their hilariously colorful recaps of 90DF and now I’m hooked! The amount of content they put out is amazing and the laughs are constant. I started watching other shows they cover just to hear their takes - and I have no regrets. WARNING: listen long enough and you’ll find yourself singing the themes songs… mama Mia here I go again… and repeating the same, SAME jokes. Keep going queens!

I love these queens

I love these queens more than shoulders mcgee loves an off the shoulder floral top. More than porn granny loves to smack her lips and offer a check. More than Angela loves to scream MiCHAel into a phone. More than Andrew loves to gaslight. More than Darcy loves to show off her boobs (which is a lot). Long story short, these queens brighten my day and often teach me things I never knew most of which I never wanted to know. I recommend ear buds only and solo car rides for this podcast but god is it funny. Go ahead queens and keep being awesome.


These queens make me smile even through the darkest of times. I literally laugh out loud every time I listen. I’m currently studying for the bar exam and listening to old episodes of this show is the best reprieve in the world. I never thought I’d pay $8 a month to listen to people recapping reality TV but it’s worth every penny. Poodle with his snarky quips reminds me a LOT of myself and Matt would basically be my ideal best friend… I love their dynamic. Keep going queens!!!! PS - the sMothered episode where they do numerous Smothered Theatre segments with Mary and Brittanni had me on the FLOOR I thought my landlord was gonna come check on me


Love my Matty & Poodle! I’m a faithful listener since the beginning! Love hearing their takes on my fave reality shows. It’s like hanging out w my friends every week!! Love y’all and all your hilarious songs and characters… even love your sad southern stories! 🥰KEEP GOING QUEENS 👑 ❤️

Keep going queens!

Cringe Tier love ✌🏼