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Keep going queens!!

Love you guys and your show - keep up the good work! :)

Love these guys

Keep going queens


I’ve recently been struggling with anxiety feeling low and poor self esteem. Your podcast helps me reset and just laugh and brings me joy. God bless your silly catchphrases and characters like moneybags, Carl’s wife etc. keep going Queens. Lots of love from WI.

My favorite podcast

I love listing to you guys, poodles mama jovi impersonation cracks me up !




Mattie and Poodle say everything I’m thinking about these hot messes of human beings. It feels like I’m having a (very one sided) conversation with friends about the episode. They read these lonely hearts for absolute filth, and I LOVE it. Keep. Going. Queens.

These Two ROCK

As a reality tv queer binge watcher, I must say- these two are incredible with how funny and in depth they are. 100% worth the subscribe and listen. I CANT STOP BINGING THESE EPISODES AHHH

This podcast gives me life!

Keep going queens!

The screaming queens of my dreams!

Is it possible to be emotionally dependent on a podcast? Cause I’m deep in it ya’ll. I sing along with every gaydd musical interruption and my high school drama club President self feels seen again for the first time in years. These two are getting me through some tough times and I love them for it. Keep going queens!!!!

Absurdly funny

Quick witted humor delivered by sincerely likable hosts. Somehow Mattie and Poodle breakdown silly reality shows into insightful entertainment. Listening to this podcast is the favorite part of my week!! Keep it going y’all!!!

Keep going queens!

This is my go to podcast. Love you guys so much. Thanks for being you! Keep going queens!

Keep it going queens!

Thank y’all for providing so much laughter during this last year. 🙏🏻

The best

Keep going QUUEEEENS!

The sass!!

I love these guys! Keep it coming, y’all!!

Best podcast in the ENTIRE world!!!

By far the funniest podcast ever, Matt and Jake are two hilarious by nature guys who spread joy and laughs to all their listeners. They are natural entertainers!! Listening for over a year, stopped my Sirius subscription and listen to their podcast 2 hours a day on my commute. They have been a blessing during the pandemic, I know they will always bring a smile to my face. Keep going queens, this is for poodle because we all know how much he likes a review :)


KEEP GOING QUEENS - I recently lost my dog unexpectedly, and the silence is absolutely crippling. Putting these queens on makes me not feel so alone. LOVE these two, thank you for being a reliable, loving, accepting light on the darkest of days.


Love this podcast. Perfect for a good laugh. May be too much for straight people. Keep going queens!!!


We have a portable Bluetooth speaker that we carry from room to room at home when we’re not road tripping in the car with our favorite queens. 90 Day isn’t complete for us without their analysis. M and P have brought laughter to challenging days, and while I don’t agree that Andrei is at all physically appealing, I think these two are fiendishly irresistible. #Addicted.

Hilarious AND insightful

As a big ole 90-Day fan I tuned into this and after 30 minutes was like, what is this nonsense?! Detours and ramblings about penises??? (And I’m from SF) When will they talk about the show?? And THEN I keep listening and laughing and I love the Southernness, the insights, the maniacal laughter, and, most of all, the spot-on analyses of of personality and relationships. It’s that perfect combo of hilarity and profundity.

I will watch any show these two cover

The perfect outlet for my trashy reality tv obsession. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Keep going Queens!

Obsessed with this show

Loving the $8 “cringe tier” 🤣🤣 KGQ!



Almost need incontinence pads

Y’all, I have been a loyal listener and gaytreon for over a year now. You two bring so much joy to my life! I work on the road and I love it because I get to listen to y’all all day between nurse visits. I also have time to re-listen to old episodes like Before the 90 days, season 2, all the darcy and Jessie recaps and, my other favorites are the LALU Shaun and destinie ones (i’m not really on any social me-djus) and the Dylan, heather, and aunt Diane ones (Get in the CAR DYLAN!!!). I don’t recommend listening to any of those with a full bladder while driving as I often have to do 🤣🤣 I especially love when y’all make each other laugh. Poodle, you have the cutest laugh. Keep going queens!!!

Best podcast ever!

I really enjoy these guys, I feel like they are my friends! Too bad I don’t have anyone in my life as invested in trash tv as I am, I had to find Matty and Poodle. I wish they would cover more shows, they really talk about each episode in depth. My husband even enjoys listening and prefers their podcasts to the actual shows—-he would die before he admitted any interest in 90 Day Fiancé or Love after Lockup.

Cannot function without these two

You two are perfection. That’s it.


So happy to find a TLC recap podcast and then some. These two are so hilarious. I love the different songs they come up with and scenes they recreate.

These queens Never disappoint....

I feel like these two are my BFF's and when talking about situations from the show, I will always say "my friends blah blah blah" Actually, I think I know them more intimately than some of my friends in the physical world. Can't wait for a live show! So honest ( too honest?) and authentic ( overused term-- but very true) The musical entertainment is priceless... ❤️your Marie


Always a guaranteed laugh! Carried me thru the ups and downs of the pandemic


Been one of my favorites for awhile now. Keeps me giggling! Keep going queens!

Here for it

Hilarious show! Always entertaining and sometimes great life lessons