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Love these two with my whole ❤️

I laugh and learn with these two. They have the best skits/ theater and follow up with great therapy that is practical. I enjoy the singing, they have wonderful voices. Those of you ragging on Poodle, this podcast is not for you, especially the one that is put off by him pointing out white privilege I’m shocked you would listen to openly happy Queens. Now that Matt Matt, wowser what a hottie! I hope they don’t change a thing. I was a sissy when they were hoping to reach the 200 member mark, look at them now!! Also they are a very socially conscious show. Keep going Queens. The negative Nellies find another pod, there are plenty!!

Stop with unsolicited advice. Please.

I came for the recaps but the preaching about how to live your life is driving me insane. I love you guys, but please, reel it in. Don’t ever stop singing driving down the highway though, it’s a banger.

One of my favorite podcasts

Love the mix of reality show discussion mixed in with Southern humor, therapeutic advice, and musician insider humor. The hosts’ long-standing, genuine friendship adds another beloved element. Highly recommend! KGQ!

My favorite podcast!

Y’all just keep me laughing! Go queens!

Sincere and Hilarious

I’m just sitting here in the dog park laughing uncontrollably at these queens hilarious stories about their lives, their families and the reality guilty pleasures like 90 day Fiancé. They are a great alternative when my true crime podcasts are too intense and I need a laugh. I am absolutely loving bingeing all this amazing queer content!! 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜

Love you guys

Matty and Poodle have brought some much needed saltiness and hilarity to my life. I can’t get enough. When I’m feeling down, y’all’s antics bring a smile to my face, constantly making me laugh out loud. Keep goin’ Queens!

Oh Heavenly Gays!

You too are smart, sassy, beyond talented and hilarious! Thanks for helping me get through the nightmare that was 2020. Keep going Queens☺️

LOVE these Queens

Keep going Queens. You’ve made me laugh in this horrible year. HERE I GO ala Darcy

My favorite people ! Awesome podcast

I go for a walk everyday , just to get away from it all . I’m so grateful for all the entertainment they bring specially during these hard time (Covid) . You are are truly talented and hilarious. Your voices bring me so much comfort and happiness. Don’t ever stop ! And I’ll be supporting from NY always . #sissysquadhere

Barbecue sauce

Hilarious, ridiculous, fun, entertaining... can’t wait for new eps each week! These guys are my favorites!


Love this podcast! Funny and smart. NSFW and I love it!

Love it


Keep going queens!

Just signed up for the Patreon! You both are the best!

Love Ya’ll!

Ya’ll keep me smiling!!!

Killing it Queens!!

Binge these queens!! You don’t even have to watch the show to enjoy these two❤️


Found you from Reality Cray Cray and cannot get enough. This podcast makes me LOL in my car all the time! I probably look like a crazy person! My favorite is the fan scream and your impersonations!! I love your voices, such a variety of personality!! Keep up the great work! Love ya!!

So much fun!

Love this podcast. Poodle, please stop saying ummmmmm so much. Still think this podcast is a lot of fun and I love the way these two play off of one another. Expect a lot of conversations that have nothing to do with 90 day. I don't mind it, but wanted to mention it in case you like podcasts that stay on topic.


Don’t listen with children! (In a good way.)

Keep going queens

I’ve been listening since the beginning of their 90 days podcast. I recommended them to my best friend, and we see so much of ourselves in these hilarious, raunchy, but most importantly, amazing men; she is the Poodle to my Mattie. We wish the fellas were our friends in real life but at least their weekly commentary keeps us going at our cubicle warrior jobs. Keep going queens!!

Great show!!

Laugh at each episode and love all your stories!! Thanks for all the great entertainment!!!

Keep goin’ queens!

Whoop - love them!

Give it a few episodes and you wont regret it!

When I first started listening I had to get past the voices of characters I didnt understand and was confused about so many things but now I go back and listen to old stuff just because I’m inching for an episode. They are just a good time! Such joy and unjoy(poodle) make a great combo. I find myself yelling “DRIVE TAMARA DRIVE” and “WHO’S TRACY” despite the fact I still don’t know who Tracy actually is. KEEP GOING QUEENS!!!

This podcast is a gift

About 6 months ago my boyfriend got me into 90 day fiancé, and we couldn’t get enough of the show. We watched every season and every spinoff and it wasn’t enough. How I stumbled upon this podcast is a mystery but it has become my best friend (and even my boyfriend loves this podcast just as much) this podcast got me into some other tlc shows as well once the 90 day podcast was not enough. So here I am the day after a new episode is released impatiently waiting like a child on Christmas Morning for a new podcast episode. When I realized y’all are more a part of my week than most people and your voices fill my living room more than people I know. Thanks for having a podcast that makes an hour feel like 10 minutes.


You two are my absolute favs!! All hail the QUEENS! ❤️


You two keep me smiling on my hardest days. Thank you for being hilarious and sex positive and everything the world needs right now.

Keep going queens

The pandemic has been isolating for everyone but I listen to this podcast almost daily and I feel like Mattie and Poodle are some of my best friends.


Keep going queens!

Keep going Queens

This podcast brings me so much joy! From start to finish I forget everything else and live in their world which I love so much, maybe too much because I pay for Patreon but listen on the regular feed so I get to hear their commercials- if that’s wrong I don’t wanna be right!❤️

Laugh Out Loud Funny

I listen while running and frequently have to stop to laugh. They're so funny! The chandelier screams are my favorite.