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Keep going queens!

I don’t even watch reality TV but I love these queens! They have very thoughtful discussions about character motivation and behavior...with a lot of silliness and singing. “Who gives a shirt?!”

Love them!

Keep going Queens!


This podcast is the only reason I watch summer house.

Great podcast that needs a good time stamp

Matt and Poodle offer wonderful deep dives into the psyches of our favorite reality TV characters. They say some really insightful stuff, create characters, and delight their audiences with musical interludes. Please start time stamping your episodes at least between announcements and couples!! Love your content but would love it even more if I could skip announcements without missing couples from time to time ♥️

The best

I came for the reality recaps, I stayed for the characters they’ve made up along the way 😂


Poodle—please never stop doing the Bayou Accent! I don’t know which I love more: your accent or Mattie’s reaction. 🤣🤣🤣👑

True Royalty

These queens deserve a crown because they’re the kind of monarchs we deserve. In Reality Gays we trust.