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Love this podcast and especially Olga- such practical advice!!

Who Are These Filthy Animals?!

Edit: Dammit. Now I have to sign up for Discovery+ to watch that pig show. I’d never heard of the “90 Day Gays” until I heard a crossover episode with the “Pink Shade” ladies. I was cleaning my house while listening to the episode, clutching my pearls, looking like I’d just eaten a mouthful of lemons and thinking, “Who are these filthy, FILTHY animals??” Fast forward to now and I’m part of the “Sissy Squad” and a Gaytreon member. These filthy animals now have me forking out an extra $3/month to hear their “Love After Lockup” recaps, because I can’t imagine living a life where I’m missing out on that mess. True story! I appreciate their raw sense of humor and jarring statements of truth. It’s hard to find humor that isn’t watered down, apologetic and always walking on PC eggshells. Keep going Queens!

Yaaaaasssss Queens!!!!!

I have never written a review but these queens are worth it fo sho!! They make me laugh until I pee, between the dead on impersonations of my favorite 90 day peeps (“drive Tamara drive!!!) and stories about Mattie’s aunt fake lip, you will laugh til your sides split. Even amongst all the giggles these guys have big hearts and I love their message of love, joy and acceptance to all. I’ve just signed up for their Patreon feed and am crazy about their videos! Keep going queens!

Reality Gays... My guilty pleasure

You guys are so funny! I look forward to the recaps every week!

The best

these guys are. KGQ!


WHO’S TRACEY !!! They’re hysterical. We’d be great friends.

Just found you!

The first one I chose was Love After Lockup... and was hysterically surprised by the nice lesson in women’s squirting orgasms..... y’all are my new fav ... - DrShowoff, Nashvillle

Keep Going Kweenz!

So glad I found this podcast! Thank you for making me laugh out loud!

Keep going queens!!!

I love this podcast and I love these queens!

SummerHouse reviews are 🔥🔥

Love Mattie & Poodles’ recaps, analysis and impersonations of Summer House! This season has been especially off/strange watching the cast go through quarantine among everything else but Mattie & Poodle call it like they see it. I certainly hope they’re wrong about their impression of Des but love all of their insights on the cast. Who’s Tracy!?!?

Best 90 day podcast!

I’m so surprised to see some of the 1 star reviews. Maybe there is some drama in their FB community? Idk I haven’t checked it out. I don’t follow them on SM or pay for the paytreon. But I absolutely love Mattie and Poodle. They are unmatched in their originality. And they have the kind of chemistry that only 20+ years of friendship can create. I listen when I’m walking or doing housework and oftentimes I’ll find new chores to do just so I can listen longer. Don’t let the few bad reviews deter you. They are the best ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love It!

I love this show.

Thank you, friends!

I can’t express enough the joy Mattie and Poodle have brought me this year! The hours laughter and joy have been SOOO needed for all of us, but especially for this teacher! Their Southern Stories, chandelier screams, random obscure musical singalongs, and occasional recaps have kept my spirits up during so many deep, dark moments this school year. These wonderful hosts will become your friends after just a few listens, and I think we ALL need our friends right now. Keep going, Queens! Love you both!


Keep going, QUEENS!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Keep Going Queens!

One of the funniest podcast! My co-workers thought I was choking and about to pass out. But I was using my hair to hide the fact I had an AirPod in. They had me laughing so hard I got caught😂

Keep going Queens!!!

Love this podcast!

Best way to start my day!

I found this podcast looking for recaps of my fave...Southern Charm and have not looked back since. I start every morning listening to Matt and Poodle and leave for work laughing every day! “Who’s Tracy??” has become a staple in my vocabulary! I’m a Summer House lover and live for the recaps, even if they are scathing this season (well deserved). Love, love, love this podcast!

So funny

I love this podcast! I feel like I’m spending time with friends every episode. And I actually laugh out loud. Matt and Poodle are the best!!


I found these queens on 3/1/21. I have listened to almost 200 episodes in 5 weeks. Calculation = over 5 hours/day! Oh currrrrrrrrrrr??? Can anyone help a b*tch to figure out how to get on that Gaytreon? Carrrrllllll???? I can’t find my gays... I’m having worse withdrawals than a Poodle with no vodka and no daddy.


These queens have got me sucked in since the Sweet T! era... and now I’m watching a pig show just for the laughs these two queens give. What vortex have I gotten myself in to?! Love them, love the Sissy Squad (we have fun in there) and I love what they stand for! Keep going queens!!

Who’s Tracy!?

Not only do y’all do hilarious Summer House recaps (I’m only here for those... sad you’re not enjoying this season), but I was very touched you are donating proceeds for this month to an organization to stop Asian hate crimes. It means so much that podcasts and voices like yours talk about these issues when it’s rarely discussed - and I so appreciate you bringing up the treatment of Asian actors as well. I had to stop the podcast to write this review when I heard. Thank you!

Come at me

Y’all, come at me if you like a good time! This podcast is amazing if you watch reality tv. I can’t wait until Life after lockup comes on so I can listen all day!!! Please give a shout-out to maryland! We love you guys! 😚

Keep going queens!

I don’t even watch reality TV but I love these queens! They have very thoughtful discussions about character motivation and behavior...with a lot of silliness and singing. “Who gives a shirt?!”

Love them!

Keep going Queens!


This podcast is the only reason I watch summer house.

Great podcast that needs a good time stamp

Matt and Poodle offer wonderful deep dives into the psyches of our favorite reality TV characters. They say some really insightful stuff, create characters, and delight their audiences with musical interludes. Please start time stamping your episodes at least between announcements and couples!! Love your content but would love it even more if I could skip announcements without missing couples from time to time ♥️

The best

I came for the reality recaps, I stayed for the characters they’ve made up along the way 😂


Poodle—please never stop doing the Bayou Accent! I don’t know which I love more: your accent or Mattie’s reaction. 🤣🤣🤣👑

True Royalty

These queens deserve a crown because they’re the kind of monarchs we deserve. In Reality Gays we trust.