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Keep it up boys. You make my day 🤩

So thankful!

Whenever I’m having a bad day I listen to your podcast and it makes me laugh and feel so much better!!


These two could recap a season of Paw Patrol and I would pay to listen! They make my every day. Love them!

Keep going QUEENS


Love the pod

I love the podcast but I have to tell y’all, you get Alina and Steven’s ages wrong everytime you talk about them LOL. Alina is only 20 (TWENTY!!!) so when you say “she’s only what 23, but emotionally she’s less mature than that” yes, and her age is less than that too. She’s such a BABY!! And Steven is not 20/21, he’s 25! Lol okay just had to get that off my chest lol

Come at me with alllll the content!

I recently discovered this podcast, y’all, and I’m obsessed. Thank you for making me spit out my water while sitting at my desk at work. Thank you for making me pull over when I’m driving 🚨😂😂😂. I may need to process how much time I spend listening to you guys. ❤️❤️❤️

Go queens!

My weekend binge. Love you guys!

Hate 90 day but LOVE the gays!

Keep going Queens. Xo


I love you guys and your funny jokes and insight… I never expect to go into a goofy 90 Day recap and gain life perspective, but with your podcast I do! The songs you come up with are hilarious and high quality, and your impressions are hysterical!

KGQ but really, please keep going

Thank you for giving me life. You are the reason I watch 95% of what I watch.


Keep going queen!!!!

Love you guys!

Matt and Jake are so talented and have such great comedic chemistry together. Love all of the 90 Day analysis and impressions. (Not sure Mother Poodle would approve of me making a scene in front of all the cars around me cracking up at a stoplight, but I can’t help it!) It’s been a rough year for all of us, so I hope you guys know how much we appreciate you bringing some lightness to our lives ♥️

Listen to this show!

Y’all, these queens don’t just podcast, they really put on a show! This is the only podcast I have ever joined Patreon for, because I feel that artists and entertainers like Matty and Jake deserve unending support! From the “90 day Theatre” to the intro songs, to even the commercials, these guys are awesome. They bring such a unique blend of theatre and trash TV, and it is so much fun! And… Keep going queens. ♥️♥️

You guys are hilarious.

Can we be friends?

So Good

They are the most hilarious duo. Makes watching reality tv feel like the best use of my time.

Matt and Poodle-

Keep it going queens! You have me singing your 90 day fiancé theme song all week! Loving the Patreon too! Missing Home Health minute too.

Nobody Does It Better!

Makes me feel bad for the rest. Keep going, Queens! 👑

Love these guys

Keep going Queens!!!

The Best!!!

I listen every single day! Mattie and Poodle are hilarious and brighten my days with their humor and realness (is that a word?). I have gone back and listened to almost every older episode, even the shows I didn’t watch. My absolute favorite podcast!!!!! Keep going queens!!!!

5 Stars and a touch of Carl’s Wife

Long-time listener, first time reviewer. This is the best podcast for reality lovers. Humor, compassion and a lot of D*ck talk (fill in your choice of vowel). Marty and Poodle are the best but when they ask Siri a question they should like Carl’s wife “Siri, how do you ask Siri a question that you want Siri to answer?” Way too many words

Love this show!

Great show. Keep going queens!

Love your Darcy and Stacy imitations!!

First time listener today and loved your re enactments!! I will put your podcast on my listening rotation.

Porn Granny is Everything

Keep going queens!

The BEST 90 day show

I look forward to all the shows! Keep going Queens!

My favorite

They’re hilarious, and make the work day more enjoyable. You guys are the 1st to make me spend money for more content! Love y’all

Best Comedy Podcast

These guys have me ugly laughing all the way the work every morning. Me and my husband just purchased tickets to their 2nd show in New York this month. I’m so excited! Keep it up 👸😘😘😘😘

Cluck cluck!

Sissy power!


Matt and Poodle are amazing talents. What’s even better is how much they love each other even when Matt rambles on about Oklahoma or Poodle’s Grindr notifications go off. Looking forward to seeing them in NYC!