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Best Podcast Ever!!

Best Podcast for people who need insight into the southern way of thinking. We love our southerners!!

I’m a fan for life!!!! I can’t get enough of these 2- the funniest guys in the podcast world!

I simply knew within 5 minutes that I’d found something SPECIAL the first time I listened to this podcast! These two had me laughing out loud repeatedly- they’re so funny that they’d make me laugh reading a grocery list, let alone talking about this giant piece of trash!

If you’re a gang member, come at us! 😂

Poodle’s Florian impression brings me to literal tears🤣 and I live for Mattie’s Oklahoma stories. ❤️ Amazing!

Love you Queens!

But I wish you'd avoid political topics.

All hail the reality queens!

Mattie & Poodle are a ray of raunchy sunshine that I look forward to spending time with everyday. I can’t thank you enough for creating this wonderful community of Sissies who are so funny & supportive. I’m listening to all of the episodes from the very beginning. This podcast is getting me through a global pandemic, the end of my 4 year relationship, my mom moving across the country, a soul sucking cubical warrior job…. & probably more that I won’t bore you with. I know this is just one review in a sea of many, but I want you to know that what you’re doing matters, more than you know. Keep going queens 😘

love love love

Mattie sending love to you at this difficult time. Jake is such a delight and what an amazing podcast partner

The two queens I wish I knew IRL

Matty and poodle have helped me make it through the pandemic and their podcast is not only hilarious but helps me open my mind and check myself and have made me an all around better person for listening. Definitely not a pod to listen to with the kids but inside their humor and sex chats, there are lessons and perspectives that can be appreciated and learned from. KGQ!

Great show.

Great show. Very entertaining and Matt and Jake are truly wonderful people. However, I am troubled by the things they say about white christians. If they said those things about any other race or religion it would be called hate. For some reason, it’s acceptable if you denigrate white Christians. Hate comes in many forms and the line between hate and respectful criticism is a fine one. Maybe they are on the right side of that line, maybe they aren’t. They clearly and rightly try to stay well away from that line when it comes to other groups. We should have the same standards of love and acceptance for all. 5 stars though because they are the best.

if you love the shows they cover...

you will love their recaps. over and over again i am listening and nodding and laughing.

Always first on my list

Of the podcasts I listen to, this is the one I always check first! I feel like I’m at home with you girls. And altso, the theme song from 90 Day Fiancé plays as a loop in my head 24/7 and I’m never tired of it. And I watched LoveBoat! You can be snarky and yet sympathetic to these people that put it all about there. Keep going Queens!


I quite literally cannot fall asleep without listening to this podcast. They are so funny and make me feel so comforted. Got me through the hardest time in my life last year! Love always 💗💗💗

Keep goin Queens

The past 2 years have been THE WORST and finding Mattie and Poodle have saved my sanity. I would listen to them talk about ANYTHING. Even at my lowest, I listen to them and stop being such a vinegar baby. Thanks ❤️❤️☺️


My favorite podcast!

Love Them!

Thank you Mattie and Poodle for making me laugh❤️

Matt and Jake Rock

Reality Gays are the best! I never thought I would pay for a podcast, but I pay for theirs. I literally laugh out loud while listening and can’t wait for the latest recap. KGQ

Good times

Came for the 90 day recaps, stayed for the Darcey and Stacey impressions.

Vinegar Baby

Poodle on cold medicine is one shady MF and I’m here for it! P.S. We need vinegar baby merch!!

Love this podcast

Listening to 90 Day Gays is like chatting my favorite reality shows with my best friends. They are hilarious broads!

Mixed Blessings

I love the sense of fun, the musicality and the outrageous humor of these two hosts! I also dig their sincere attempts to be thoughtful and culturally sensitive when approaching topics of race, religion, socioeconomic status, sexuality, gender identity etc. However — and this is the number 1 thing that detracts from my full enjoyment — Poodle can be incredibly caustic. Now, I understand that these two engage in a lot of “playful” ribbing. But where Matty (who is a joy, btw) employs jabs that are funny without feeling mean-spirited, Poodle CONSTANTLY gets in digs at Marty’s expense that feel like easy pickings. Poodle’s teasing is relentless and often feels malicious. Worse, he uses these “jokes” to tear down Matty in service to his own vainglorious self-aggrandizement. Honestly, it’s wearying and may someday drive me away for good. Again, love the show on the whole (yes, sometimes it takes too long to get into discussions of the actual show) but I’d love it more if I felt more of Poodle’s actual affection for Matty (they’re longtime friends so I know it exists) rather than than feeling like he’s mocking him mercilessly. Note to Poods: The recent episode without Matty illustrated vividly why you NEED him to make the magic. Show him some respect. Keep going Queen Matty - dial it back, Poods.

love love love

matty and poodle never fail to make me laugh! so much love queens, keep killing it xoxo

My favorite podcast!

This is my favorite podcast! I love you queens! ❤️

Love them!

These guys know how to do a podcast. They crack me up eveytime I listen.

Keep going Queens

❤️love love love

Keep going, Queens!

Keep bringing laughs every week! I feel happier after listening to you!

Laugh out loud funny

I love listening to Matt and Jake’s stories about their current lives as well as their childhood. The childhood stories are so relatable whether it’s like my childhood or me as a parent. This is just a fun listen and a great break from “reality”. I appreciate the love they give to nurses too 😃😃.


Looooooove u guys - I feel like I’m on the couch with you Kiki-ing. Keep going queens!!!

Love the bravo content!

Started listening to this show for Summer House and Below Deck and I was not disappointed! They are comedic geniuses and I love hearing their insight into the world of Bravo

Love them

Super funny and very insightful commentary on garbage reality shows!

After months of listening, feels like family

I started listening because of 90 fiancé, and got into their paid content over time. They bring heart and humor and I love this podcast so much. My boyfriend now asks me “are you listening to your gays?” When I’m doing house chores. Keep going queens and you guys are really the best.

My favs

One of my absolute favorite podcasts. My bff and I love to listen to Reality Gays. I mostly watch reality shows so I can then listen to Matt and poodle make fun of the ridiculousness that is TLC’s 90 Day fiancé, Stacey & Darcey, and more. Keep going queens! Can’t wait to see them live in 2022!