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Keep going queens!

I came for the 90 Day content but stayed for the obscure references and recommendations to watch other horrible reality tv shows.


I started listening because I was watching shows (90DF et al; Love/Life After Lockup) I loved so much I wanted to hear people talk about them. And I began to love Mattie and Poodle so much that I started watching shows that they talked about so I could listen to them some more. Thank you, Smothered. $&*% you, Extreme Sisters. My eyes and soggy brain are trash cans for TLC filth. My ears are vacuums for my Reality Gays. Thank you for the laughs and giggles, and for noticing all the little details I notice too. Keep going, Queens!!

Mr. D. Swaggins, Esquire

I have been a devoted listener to Mattie and Poodle for over two years now… and it’s amazing to see them grow their podcast in such a tremendous way! I will see you two (and hopefully Mr. Swaggins himself) at the Portland show! KEEP GOING QUEENS—- You are LOVED and appreciated, and all of your hard work, and the funny and thoughtful content you produce touches people’s lives. It certainly has touched mine. I have been struggling with severe Postpartum depression, anxiety, and PTSD in recent months, and having your podcast on in the background brings me immense comfort… I look forward to each of your podcasts all week!!

The best!!!! Love ya’ll!

The best two podcasters on earth!

It’s a journey...

I began my journey perhaps a year ago. Imagine me, a middle aged lady raising my kids and looking for something to drown out the whining. A Date with Dateline gals mentioned this podcast, so I downloaded to listen... I pressed play on the first episode and OH. MY. GOD. The vulgarity! The vivid descriptions of various acts! The voices of every body part you would never want to imagine! The absolute horror I felt was overwhelming and I quickly pressed stop. The next day decided to give them ONE more try... So, it turns out I am an ultimate 🍆🐷, have listened to every episode past and present, am a Patreon, have tickets to their next live show and am a proud, active member of the Sissy Squad. I love me some Matty and Poodle!!! Most fun you’ll ever have listening to a podcast! KEEP GOING QUEENS!!!!!!


I ❤️ you my Queens. I was putting up my Christmas tree while watching TOW & listening to both of your point of views of what I was watching. A chicken had to buy a cow to be able to marry a donkey. Keep going Queens.

Love them

I love this show and I adore Mattie and Poodle, especially since they’re southern boys! The souther stories always make me laugh and I listen to the eps even when I don’t watch the shows. But Poodle is so mean to Mattie, it’s absolutely uncomfortable to listen to sometimes


100000/10 stars always. But what happened to the season wrap up songs you used to do? This had me in tears!!!

They give me life!!!

KEEP GOING QUEENS! I love y’all!

Blow this podcast up

Omg why is this not a top podcast? I have not stopped laughing. PLEASE MAKE MORE YT VIDEOS!!!

If you love eggplants, this is for you!

Best podcast ever! Flew across the country just to see Matty and Poodle live, and it was beyond worth it. They make me shake my head, slap my knee, and gasp in shock with hilarious takes on more than I needed to know. Do yourself a service and subscribe to this gem. KEEP GOING QUEENS!


“And Jesus said, who’s got the poppers” said Poodle. “Last suppers over, time to run a train on Jesus” Poodle exclaimed. Best show ever

Hilarious, Heart Warming, Fun!

I look forward to this podcast every week! I sneak a headphone in at work and try to not laugh out loud every time I listen! So fun to listen to Poodle and Marty talk through my fav guilty pleasure, 90 Day!

So much fun!!!

This podcast is the only one that has ever actually had me LOL! Keep going queens!!!


I look forward to each and every episode. I even listen to the posts about shows I’ve never seen because Matt and Poodle are THAT good!

Subscribe y’all!!

I recently discovered this podcast on my cross country road trip and they helped me get through the long days of driving. I love their sense of humor, energy and hilarious stories. One of my favorite podcasts, if you love reality TV and 90 days I highly recommend them. I love you guys!!!

LOL, Literally

One of my absolute favorite podcasts to listen to! Mattie and Poodle with their re-enactments of the 90 Day Fiancé cast members gets me errrrrry time! I’m usually laughing out loud with AirPods in! Keep the laughs coming, ladies!


Love this podcast and all the laughter Mattie and Poodz bring me every day!

So hilarious

Love these two! They tell the recap stories like no other podcasters do. Humorous and dark! And I love their commercials. Makes you want to buy all of their products and services ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Keep going queens

Keep going queens!!!


KEEP GOING QUEENS!! I love you both! I listen all the time! Makes my workouts more fun… take all my money honey! Sign up for patreon if you havent already you wont regret!

Love these guys!

I love these guys, I find myself listening to their podcast even though I don’t watch half of these shows….honestly who has the time to watch it all? They keep me laughing on my crazy commute and while cleaning my house. I’m so proud of them for taking their show on the road, I hope this review boosts your ratings!!!


Keep going Reynas/queens!!!!

Keep going queens!

Who’s Tracy??

10/10 would recommend! 🤣

These guys make me audibly LOL at work every episode. Hilarious EVERY time!

The best!

The best thing to get you through your workday!


I absolutely love this podcast! They can make a bad day great, and a good day fantastic! Their sense of humor, sass, compassion and blunt honesty is what makes this podcast! They are a one of a kind podcast and I fully enjoy listening to them! Keep Going Queens!!



Giving me life! As Tina Turner would sing…”Simply the Best”!

Listening to these guys is the highlight of my week!!